Changing the Climate of Soccer in the Valley

Glad You Found Us!

Polar Vortex Soccer is located in Palmer, Alaska. We are not officially affiliated with Palmer Soccer Club but do work collaboratively with them as we seek to fill a different role in the soccer community in the Valley. Our goal is to be an option for young soccer players who are looking for more than a recreational league (after the age of 8) and who wish to advance to the highest level of play of which they are capable. Our goal is to help them reach that level through training, team play and competitive games as well as showcase opportunities.

"We have been wildly impressed with the competency of the Polar Vortex coaches. Our 12 year old daughter has been involved in various sports programs across the valley since she could walk and the skill development that she has achieved in the short time period of Polar Vortex participation is notable. In addition to noticing our daughters' improvement, we've also recognized the evolution of her many teammates.

I have appreciated the Polar Vortex Coaches ability to give my daughter specialized coaching & feedback throughout her involvement with the program. They have inspired her to practice specific skills and drills on her own and I've never seen her be so determined."
                          -Parents of 2010 Girls Comp Player
Email, call or text with any and all questions you may have about what we offer!  polarvortexsoccer@gmail.com / (907) 982-3122