Changing the Climate of Soccer in the Valley

                                      Core Principles                                           

  • Build a culture of resilient youth through excellence in soccer. 
  • Encourage individual player commitment to becoming one’s best self.  
  • Strive to instill an ethic of sportsmanship in all endeavors on and off field. 
  • Teach the value of pride in self, team and community. 

                                            Play Pedagogy                                             

* USYS Grassroots Training Model

* Individualized Skill-Centered Training

* Positive Modeled Movement (live & video game observation and analysis)

* Play Centered Learning (PRRP)Play/Replay/Reflect/Practice

Competition Level:

Rec / Developmental Pre-Comp / Comp

*Team Divisions: (mixed denotes that girls and boys will both play against boys clubs unless we have sufficient numbers for a girls-only team)

* 6U/7U/8U Rec,      9U/10U Pre-Comp,   11U/12U Comp,    13U/14U Comp,    15U +


  • Polar Vortex players will be rostered under Polar Vortex Rush with AYSA


  • Fall, Winter Spring and Summer: Practices/Games and Tournaments


  • All Polar Vortex coaches have played and/or currently play competitive level soccer at the ODP/ADP, college, adult amateur or semi-professional level.
  • Each coach has completed (or will be enrolled in) coach training in either Grassroots 4v4, 7v7, 11v11, D-Level or a comparable program of training.

Before kids can play like pros, they must enjoy playing the game like kids -Steve Locker

There are a lot of things that soccer does in communities that transcend the soccer field -Brandi Chastain

The more difficult the victory, the greater the joy in winning -Pele